Our services are dedicated for:

  • Academia
  • Clinics
  • Biopharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry

We provide contract glycoanalytics, contract research and fee-for-service products for:

  • Discovery phase
  • Research
  • Early to late stage development
  • Process/Product optimization and characterization
  • Batch comparability studies
  • QA/QC for all production stages up to product lot release
  • Trials / Clinical trails

Glycoanalytical Services

Glycoprofiling is provided for purified glycoproteins, protein mixtures (separated by one or two-dimensional gel electrophoresis), or from complex samples that include blood, plasma, serum, saliva, milk and body tissue.

xCGE-LIF and HILIC-FLR based solutions are for:

„   Glycofingerprinting (GFP)

„   Standard glycoprofiling (STD-GP)

„   Extended glycoprofiling (EXT-GP)

We also provide glycoprofiling that is based on matrix assisted laser desorption time of flight (tandem) mass spectrometry (MALDI-Tof-MS(/MS)).

Profiling for N- and O-glycans is enabled by porous graphitized carbon liquid chromatography electrospray ionization (tandem) mass spectrometry (PGC-LC-MS(/MS)).  

Monosaccharide (composition) analysis comprises the separation and quantification of enzymatically / chemically released neutral monosaccharides, sialic acids and e.g. terminal alpha galactoses by HPAEC-PAD, HILIC-FLR and/or RP-LC-FLR.

Site occupancy analysis comprises determination of N- and O-glycosylation location of (monoclonal) antibodies and other (recombinant) glycoproteins by LC-MS/MS.

Protein identification is obtained through ‘peptide fragmentation mass fingerprinting’, by MALDI-Tof-MS/MS and/or LC-ESI-MS/MS. 

N- & O-Glycopeptide Mapping for determination of glycan (composition) and glycosylation site is gained by high-resolution LC-ESI-MS.

General (glyco)protein characterization is achieved through Protein Gel Electrophoresis Pattern Analysis of one or two-dimensional gels.


Customised Glycoanalysis Solutions

glyXera has a proven track-record of providing glycoanalytical services.

We operate modern analytical and synthesis labs, equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

High-performance glycoanalytical services are individualized according to specific client requirements through our expertise and advanced technology platforms, with customers spanning areas such as academia, clinics, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Our substantial experience covers glycomics, glycoproteomics and proteomics of biotechnological (e.g. recombinant glycoproteins (mAbs, fusion proteins, factors, hormones, etc) or viral membrane glycoproteins) and clinical samples such as blood, milk and other body fluids.

A significant amount of care is put into R&D in order to develop, validate, implement and apply cutting-edge glycoanalysis methods of complementary or orthogonal nature, as well as dedicated software-tools and databases.

Research is focused on developing and applying new high-performance glycoanalytical tools and techniques, in addition to specialist hardware and software, and customized reagents & kits.


Consultancy Services

Consulting and in-house laboratory problem solving