Fields of Application

Our high performance glycoanalysis system defines new limits regarding analysis speed, possible sample throughputs, required sample amount and quality of analysis.

It perfectly fits into the glycoanalytical needs and the tight time frames, when following systematic but laborious development concepts, like “Design of Experiment” (DoE) and/or “Quality by Design” (QbD), but also into QA/QC for all production stages up to product lot release.

The newly developed proprietary high performance glycoanalytical platform finds its application in a broad variety of fields, like:

  • Academic and industrial R&D in the field of glycobiology and glycobiotechnology

  • Development, licensing, approval and production of drugs and vaccines, like:
    • Recombinant antybodies
    • Other (therapeutic) glycoproteins
    • Hormones, Cytokines, …
    • Follow-on biologics
    • Influenza-, rabies-, malaria-vaccines, ...
„biopharmaceuticals / vaccines“
  • Development, licensing, approval and production of:
    • Nutritions
    • Additives
    • Infant
„functional food“
  • Large clinical studies for glycobiomarker dicovery, e.g. regarding:
    • Cancer
    • Diabetes
    • Cardiovaskular, immunological or infectious diseases, …

  • High-throughput-screening for glycobiomarkers in clinical diagnostics