A High Performance (HP) Glycoanalysis System
High Throughput
High Resolution
High Sensitivity
High Reproducibility
High Reliability

HP-methods for sample preparation

Method & software for HP-glycoanalysis:

for data-processing

for data-analysis


an oligosaccharide / glycan database
expandable, tailorable & integrable

Principles and Performance

  • Based on multiplexed capillarygelelectro-phoresis with laser induced fluorescence detection (xCGE-LIF)
    up to 96 capillaries in parallel enable “real” high throughput
  • Electrokinetic separation of glycocompounds in dependency of their charge, mass & shape
  • Linear dynamic detection across a concentration-range of about 4 orders of magnitude
  • No sample carryover due to exchange of separation matrix (gel) in front of each analysis
  • Enables high performance glycoanalysis
    • Up to 3500x more sensitive and 450x faster compared to standard-HPLC systems
    • An order of magnitude higher separation power, compared to standard-HPLC systems
    • High reproducibility of relative peak heights:  
RSD < 5%
    • Excellent reproducibility of normalized migration times:  
RSD < 0.03%
(shortterm / weeks)
RSD < 0.5%  
(longterm / years)

  • highly efficient, robust, reproducible and highly sensitive “real” high-throughput
  • Enables qualitative and quantitative high-performance glycoanalysis on 3 levels:

    • Pattern comparison ("fingerprint"-analysis)
    • Identification of compounds in complex mixtures via database matching (“glycoprofiling”)
    • Extended structural analysis using exoglycosidase sequencing in combination with xCGE-LIF based glycoprofiling