Our Exclusive Technologies


Besides state of the art glycoanalysis based on HILIC-FLR (the industry standard method) and mass spectrometry, glyXera also provides superior glycoanalysis through its proprietary high-throughput system that offers optimum performance and capacities compared to the glycoanalytical tools available elsewhere on the market:


Our patented glyXboxCE system is based on multiplexed capillary gel electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection (xCGE-LIF), enabling generation and comparison of “glycofingerprints” from large sample sets and structural analysis of glycans, within these samples.


Based on xCGE-LIF, benefits include:

     Up to 96 capillaries in parallel enable ‘real’ high throughput

     450x faster than conventional systems

     Sensitivity more than 3,500x that of conventional systems

     Separation power 15x greater than that of conventional systems

     High-reproducibility of peak heights

     Excellent reproducibility of migration times


High-performance glycoanalysis is provided on three levels, comprising:

„    Glycofingerprinting (GFP): glycosylation pattern analysis and comparison

„    Standard glycoprofiling (STD-GP): identification of glycans in complex mixtures via database matching

„    Extended glycoprofiling (EXT-GP): extended structural analysis of glycans in complex mixtures using exoglycosidase sequencing in combination with repeated xCGE-LIF-based glycoprofiling (including linkage analysis)